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Before we start taking a look over the advantages of VPS over shared hosting, let’s just first understand the two terminologies in a little detail.

Starting with VPS also known as Virtual Private Server is a server that runs as a part of another server. In simple words, a big server is divided into small independently functioning units known as virtual private servers. Such little servers are made available to the customer organization for use in exchange of a small fee payable on monthly or yearly basis.

Next is shared hosting also known as virtual hosting service, is a type of service where many different websites share the same server, every website has its own internet domain name which enables people to access it without confusing it with the other websites on the server.

Now here are a few reasons to prefer VPS over shared hosting for your website:


Bandwidth in simple words is the rate of data transfer in a given time. It is usually measured in bits per second in other words; the amount of data received or sent through and from your internet in the form of units called bits during one second.

Now talking about shared hosting, the bandwidth is often irregular meaning the same data at some time would be transferred in less than 30 minutes and might take hours at some other time. Sounds horrible, right? But as they say, there is always a better option and VPS it is. In VPS every user has its own bandwidth and doesn’t need to depend on other websites for its data transfer rate.

Right to customize:

Customizing denotes choosing the hardware and software you want your website to use. In shared hosting sadly you have minimal to no right to customize the server but in VPS you are allowed to choose your own software as well as other aspects of the server.






Malware means software created to damage computer systems, more like computer virus. In shared hosting it’s a big threat that malware on one website might affect the others too because they share the same server and IP address. That’s where VPS comes in, you have your individual share and malware on one website is not likely to affect others.


Security Issues:

It is a common practice in shared hosting that sometimes some of the client of host accesses and may be executes the data or files of some other customer. It’s not easy though but it is possible. Once again VPS is the solution to it, because no client is linked to the other directly which ensures more safety of content than shared hosting.

Running your own business:

Due to all the above mentioned threats, shared hosting is never preferred as an option if you want to run your own little business. So if you are planning to launch a website for your new business than VPS is your option.


About the author: Justin is a professional blogger currently representing, offering godaddy hosting promo codes.

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