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For clients, the website scanner and protection services offered by the Godaddy will comprises of identifying the malware links and security insufficiency in the customers website which may results in the pirating the valuable information by the hackers and poachers. This results in a number of problems.

Godaddy Site Security

There is no standard way to pass or describe the parameters which are all affecting the websites security. Also, many databases recompile their stored procedure every time they are swapped out of memory with the Godaddy users. If the security is poor, many suspicious activities are about to happen in the customer’s website which leads to the banning of site by the Google within few days. Some of the features which come along with the Godaddy site security’s package are fully automated daily scans; those scan reports will be send to the mail and preparation of dashboard and reports related to it.

Certificates for site security

The customer should obtain a valid certificate by applying and securing from an authorized certificate provider like those commercially inclined to selling these certificates using the request for certificate signing online by means of Godaddy. Some of the certificates given are SSL certificates, code signing certificates and website protection scanner.


The timely scanning results in the increase of the visitors to the site; because the visitors will have confidence that the particular website is running securely with appropriate scanning measures from malicious links. Once if the Godaddy site security is subscribed with the help of godaddy promo code, the client will be given the hotline number of the security expert to clear their doubts related to the website security. With the help of site scanner, the customer’s site will be protected from malware links and hackers.

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